james bond

it just so happens that most of the next james bond movie titled "Quantum of Solace" is filmed in italy. while passing through piazza del campo today, i saw the camera crew getting ready to shoot a scene. supposedly, in the next film there is a shot of the palio di siena, the famous horse race that takes place twice a year. according to the crew, they couldn't wait until july to film the scene, so they are recreating the entire race now. yes, recreating the ENTIRE race. that means laying a thick foundation of dirt all around the entire piazza which is pretty big, and staging the whole horse event.

the medieval costumes for each contrada

these people are supposed to be shouting and rooting for their favorite team or contrada. some of the people are wearing scarves like the man in the yellow.

last week i tragically missed james bond jumping off the bell tower in the piazza. what a shame. i have yet to see daniel craig.

i captured a video of the film crew, but its taking more than an hour to upload. stupid italian computers. i don't think they understand what it means to have high speed internet.

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mary martha said...

so u get to be there for the palio di siena. that is so awesome. i've heard much about that. horses actually die on the spot as the round the courners of the streets and fall and get trampled. i wish i could see it. thats amazing