monteriggioni, toscana

this is a town about 15 minutes from siena, about 5 miles. i wish i took good pictures of the castle because it was beautiful, but these are some pictures that i took on our long walk. we walked the entire thing. it was really difficult because we were almost killed, hmm, about 10 times. amazing walk though.

-looovveee this villa-

-this is a cathedral in siena-


Geoffrey said...

Don't stay in too long....you may become Catholic. Dadoo

Mary Martha & Andrew said...

oh my goodness. i dont have much time to explain. but mom and i stayed there for 2 nights in giomini (cant spell it). i will have to ask her where we stayed. it was a family owned wine country place. they dominated that town. they owned the hill of the first picture posted on top. nuts! i'm so happy for u. have a blast. i didnt realize u had a blog. im crazy about it now. andrew and i will have to get one. xoxo.
i have to tell u the nearby place u have to go too. i know u alreayd know but we headed from there to some little town that italians vavation too that tourist dont go to. so cool! i'll get back to u. xoxo