fonte delle monache

along the city walls, offers a splendid view of the surrounding countryside. . .

i traveled to the fonte delle monache which means 'nuns fountain'. this was an isolated spot so that the cloistered nuns could wash their clothes without being seen. without a map, i definitely wouldn't have been able to find this hidden treasure.

this is where they would wash their clothes. im pretty sure no one ever saw them.

Im thinking that i should send this to americas next top model, you know...gym clothes and all


Mary Martha Checketts said...

rach! oh my goodness. those cloistered nuns are quite interesting. i dont know if youll make it to St. Fransis of Assis (sp?) but they have a huge convint there. i actually knew a girl that was heading in to be a cloistered nun in 4 months. she was traveling through the catholic district for retreat things. like i said... interesting. i cant wait to talk more about your trip

jonny hudson said...

it looks amazing!!!

Anonymous said...

I was lucky enough to meet someone who knew someone, etc., and was taken on a private underground tour of Siena, to see the waterways that were dug from the 12th to the 15th centuries. Normally, you have to book months in advance. Part of this system fed the fountain you saw. Did you get to the Fontebranda fountain also? Yvonne from Australia