hello culinary school

i am so much more relieved that i have everything figured out regarding my internship. i had a meeting with the director of the school and he informed me of what was going to be happening.

1) i am going to be working with professional chefs from around the world that specialize in italian cuisine. these chefs will be teaching me all the tricks of the trade.

2) i am also going to be teaching classes with the chefs to other culinary students.

3) once i feel ready and confident with my culinary skills, i can become a chef in a popular restaurant in the heart of siena.

i dont think things can get any better. as far as transportation issues, the director calmly assured me that someone from the school will be bringing me home everyday. that solves that problem. he also told me that i the dishes that i prepare, well....i can eat them. he gave me the recipes for the dishes that i am going to be learning and teaching on monday for lunch and they include:

-crostone al funghi (bruschetta with mushrooms)
-tagliolini al limone (pasta dish)
-panna cotta con fragole
-risotto al carciofi (risotto with artichokes)

oh, and dinner just gets even better. i had a personal tour of the kitchen and it is amazing. too be continued....


Venetia said...

Glad the transportation issue got resolved. Wow it sounds like fun. YOu even get to teach classes. I didn't know that.YOu'll be great Rachel. You're a natural teacher. Niesh

Anonymous said...

OH.MY.WORD. I could not be more happy for you! Please call Skip so I can come visit