job well done

this week has been wonderful. i feel like i am finally on top of my game. not only can i understand everything that goes on in the kitchen, but i can predict what the chef is going to do next. its a dream.
-one angle of the kitchen-

work last night was great. as i was helping the large group of american tourists cook the asparagus risotto, luisa, the chef who almost killed me for not eating her dessert, pulled me aside and said, "sono contento lavorare con te. sei bravissima...ben fatto". in inglese this translates to, "i am so happy to work with you, you are wonderful...well done". this was just what i needed to hear. looks like i have done something right!

-Luisa and Stefania (love her to death) -
(luisa studied with japanese chefs in japan and
has owned her own restaurant for 25 years)

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Gram said...

What beautiful ladies! So glad you are appreciated for your talents and strengths! So glad you are learning so much.